X Optimizers

Skype: XOptimizers
Email: Contact@xoptimizers.com
ICQ: 670-596-772

So you want SEO, eh? Well, there are plenty of ways to get in touch, so let’s have a run-down of what’s available.

Email contact@xoptimizers.com

This is the only email that you will be contacted by via someone from our team. X Optimizers uses email as our go-to tool for updates and payment processing, as it’s the most trustworthy and rigid medium of communication. We like email.

Skype XOptimizers

We think Skype is a great tool, and when we first make contact, we’d like to be able to talk to you using it. Skype has external message storage, semi-reliable offline communication and functionality for VoIP calls. Getting in touch with us via Skype will often get you the quickest response. We like Skype.

ICQ 670-596-772

ICQ is good if you’re still using it, and because of its history within the adult entertainment industry, we know how many old school webmasters depend on it. ICQ’s a little outdated and can be frustrating at times, but we are happy to use it if you have a thing for green. We like ICQ.


If you want to talk over the phone, we can provide our number upon request. Phones are okay, but no one ever rings us. =(

Carrier Pigeon, Smoke Signals, Morse Code & Symbolic Dances

Effective as of 1st Jan, 2014, these services will no longer be supported by our team. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What to do when getting in touch:

1. Provide the URL for the site(s) you want us to take a look at.

2. Include information regarding former SEO work done.

3. Include information regarding what you’re interesting in us taking a look at (optional: we can always tell you where you need to go).

4. Give us an idea of what you want us to achieve, and in what time frame.

We’ll take a look at your site and get back to you.