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Solving Batch Import Problems for Clients

When you start to provide SEO services for clients, you eventually start to realize that there are lots of aspects to helping a client build a site that they want. Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of working on projects for me – things have to be done quickly, properly and well. I’m a massive fan of batch importing, spreadsheets, CSVs and so on – I think at one point or another, every client I’ve worked with over multiple projects has been convinced that using a spreadsheet for something is beneficial to their business.

Today, I had a client that had a problem with some content that they’d purchased. Essentially, he was planning to import a large number of photographs to blog posts using WordPress to link up to pornstar profiles that had already been written. Now, if there were only 30 or so pictures to go through – doing it manually would probably be the best step, especially given the way that the photographs were organised. Let’s take a quick look:

Not exactly perfect, is it? What makes matters worse is that these file names were not linked to the Excel spreadsheet list we had of content and to add to that, there were a few pictures here that weren’t in profiles that had a listing on the spreadsheet (so we couldn’t just collect the photo names and paste them in). Additionally, the file names aren’t all that perfect for SEO – the random numbers, underscores (which Google discourages in URLs) and general lack of structure really sucks. So naturally, it was my job to come up with a solution.

Thanks to a nifty tool called Advanced Renamer, I was actually able to tackle this problem with relative ease. The beauty of this tool is that you can get it to do lots of things – it’s smart and best of all, follows strict, rigid commands to fix up all of your text. The solution for me was to first make the program choose words in the file name and relist them such that the file name would be <Word 1><Word 2>-Pornstar-Profile – this results in turning the names like so:

Now, I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t perfect! And you’re right: it’s not! Some of the pornstars only have one ‘word’ as their name (such as Aliz, Honey and Kira). Thankfully, we could use Advanced Renamer again to replace the numbers 1, 2, 3 … etc. as nothing – which completely removes them! Once that’s done, we just have to replace — with a single dash (for those single-name cases) and we’re left with this folder:

Fantastic! All of the images formatted in the exact same way – [NAME]-Pornstar-Profile.jpg. But we’re not done yet, we still have to add these to the spreadsheet! Now, we can’t simply import the names to the sheet (again, they won’t line up, because some pictures exist where profiles don’t and visa versa), but what we can do is tell the posts we’re importing to look for their own images in the only place they’d be. The way we do that is actually quite simple – it requires a few steps, but it works!

What we do here is collect the pornstar names (In column R), replace the spaces with a dash (In column S), include our appended SEO slug and file type (In column T), provide the file locations (In column U) and then simply input this into column V: =U2&S2&T2 – which results the result that you see!

Now, all of the pornstars that have images will find them on the server, any missing images can be easily added to the media folder and everything’s good for SEO – perfect! Instead of spending hours doing this manually, the whole process took about 45 minutes from receiving the problem to having a solution in place.

Sometimes, the best optimization you can perform for clients has nothing to do with search engines whatsoever.

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